There are a lot of different components that work together for the A/C unit in the home to keep it running efficiently and properly. Without these components working together we would not be able to enjoy the comforts that the HVAC systems were designed to provide for us. One of these components is very small and is located on the liquid line of the air conditioning system at the condensing unit. It is a small glass window in the small copper line near the outside portion of your air conditioner or refrigeration unit. This is a little window that will help you to monitor the performance of your air conditioner or refrigeration unit. It may be a small window but this little glass window can tell you a lot about your unit and could save you from costly HVACR replacement or repairs.


After your unit has been running for a while take a look at the glass. This glass when you look at it should be clear in appearance. If there are bubbles in the glass, then your unit can be short on refrigerant. This could also be clues to some other problems with in your system. There is also a color chart that should be located around the sight glass location. This will indicate what the changes of colors will indicate and what these colors mean when you see the different colors that occur within the sight glass. This color dot is intended to let you know if you have excessive moisture in the refrigerant that can get into the system during charging. The color green is good indication. If it shows the refrigerant is wet, then the system may not cool properly and you may need a new filter dryer.


If the glass is clean and clear this may not also mean that your unit is in the clear. Even though you may monitor your system by looking at the glass regularly, you should still have a professional to service your system each year before the summer cooling begins and also each fall before you begin to use the heater of your system. This glass will not show if your system is working at the peak potential of your unit that is one reason why you should have your unit serviced by a professional at least twice each year.


Your local HVAC contractor will be trained to know what to look for when he is servicing the system. We may not know at all time what this small sight glass may be trying tell us but a trained professional will know the clues as to what this small component of our system may be trying to tell us. Take a look at the outside location of the unit where the sight glass is located to be sure that your system is equipped with this small but important HVAC component. If you cannot locate the glass or your system does not have one installed be sure to contact your local contractor to have this taken care of right away.

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