One of the main concerns that you may have in the winter is indoor air quality. We also like to have good indoor air quality during the summer as well but it is more important during the winter because we spend much more time indoors. Sometimes it seems in the winter our heating systems keep moving the same stale air around. Along with the same air being circulated there are also dust and other small particles that are circulated throughout your home. This is where the use of a UV light in your heating system will benefit you greatly. We will look at UV lamps and explain what they are and what benefits will keep us healthier.


Ultraviolet lights (UV) are used in air conditioning and heating systems to remove and destroy microorganisms that are present in the inside of your home. These lights are unique bulbs that produce ultraviolet wavelengths which will destroy and kill the small organisms that travel through the HVAC unit when it is cycled. Removing the dust particles from your home will help to improve the air quality in your home helping you to breathe cleaner air. There are two types of UV lights for your system. One type is a stick type that can be located near the coil of your unit. The other type can be installed in the air return duct of your unit.


UV lights are very useful because of their effectiveness. They will help remove dust particles as long as the air is not flowing over the UV light at real high rate. UV lights can kill over 99% of all of the microorganisms in the air. These include organism such as bacteria, viruses, and mold spores. This can also help to keep the entire family safe and breathing clean air during cold and flu seasons.


Some ultraviolet lights are placed directly in front and on top of the coils of the unit. Along with the correct filters this will prevent dust and other microorganisms from building up on the coil causing it to lose efficiency. There have also been cases where UV light have been installed inside the ductwork to catch any dust particles that have bypassed the coil. These lights have been installed so they will not come on unless your unit is cycling. When the unit cuts off the lights will also.


There are some things that you will have to do to maintain the performance of any UV lights that are in your heating unit. Dust collects onto the bulbs of the lights and will need to be cleaned often. This will help the lights to perform more effectively. It would be a good idea to check these bulbs each time you change your filters. You will need to develop a maintenance routine that you can follow on a regular basis. Talk to your local HVAC and heating service provider to ask them questions you may have about UV lighting for your system.

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