Why is Changing Your Air Filter Important?

Posted by on 9/9/2018 to Articles

Why is Changing Your Air Filter Important?


Air filters need to be checked, maintained, and changed in order to prevent damage to your heating and air conditioning equipment.


Changing your air filter on a regular basis will ensure longevity of your system, saving you thousands in possible repair and replacement costs.


One of the leading causes of heating and cooling systems to fail is dirt and neglect which can be easily avoided by changing your air filters often.


Besides the repair costs, changing your air filters ensures a cleaner, fresher, and much healthier air. By doing this you are helping everyone in your home. Particularly children, the elderly, and especially those suffering from allergies.


Aside from protecting the HVAC system from unnecessary damage and also creating cleaner air, a new air filter will save you a significant amount on operating costs. A dirty air filter uses up to 15% more energy than a clean one. This difference leads to higher utility costs every month.

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