Fuel is an important a part of any furnace or boiler. In order for the furnace or boiler to ignite and burn you will need fuel. If you have an oil furnace or boiler you will need a tank that can store your fuel safely. Roth fuel tanks are one of the best tanks known on the market. Roth offers a Roth Double-Wall Oil Storage Tank (DWT). There are several reasons why this is a great choice of fuel storage for your boiler or furnace. We will look at some of the reasons why this is a good choice.


The Roth DWT is actually a plastic fuel tank similar to the plastic gas fuel tanks we use to store gas for our lawnmowers and other equipment. This plastic tank is located inside a galvanized containment tank. If the plastic for some reason cracks or begins to leak the fuel is contained inside the galvanized outer tank. The plastic is impervious to fuels and will last for a very long time. If for some reason the inner plastic develops a leak over time the galvanized will begin to leak and will the tank will need to be replaced. But two tanks are better than one.


The Roth DTW can be installed inside or outside. For outside storage you can install this tank as an above ground application. Note for outdoor use, you will need to use a cover over the tank to protect the tank form the elements. Roth has several kits available to help install the tanks inside or out. Your tank installer should be able to help you with any questions you may have. Your Roth DTW should only be installed by a trained Roth technician.


Roth has been sold in the United States and Canada Since 1998. These tanks have been used in Europe for over twenty years. The Roth DWT is currently the market leader in the United States. These tanks are more expensive than steel tanks but will last much longer. If you installa Roth tank it will probably be the last tank you will ever have to buy.


Roth issues one of the best warranties that you will see it that comes with the purchase of an oil tank. The inner tank of the DWT is corrosion resistant. The outer tank comes with a thirty-year insurance policy. You will need to check with your local dealer to see the full details of this insurance. You will be glad you did. The price on the tanks as well as installation will vary from one distributor to the other. You can also rest assured if you purchase Roth DTW tank there will be a well-trained technician to do the installation.


Be sure to contact the Roth DWT dealer in your area to purchase and install your fuel tank.

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