There are several important parts that allow your A/C unit to maintain a peak performance. The compressor, cooling coil, air exchanger, and air filters are all important in the operation of the unit. You cannot have a complete system without having each of these component.


One component that is vital to the system is filter drier within lines of the unit. A lot of are not familiar with what this is or even what they are. We will take a look and try to explain why these filters are so important in air conditioning and refrigerator systems.


Filter-driers play a very important role in the operation of any air conditioning and refrigerator system. In the A/C line on the system is a desiccant that is held in a cylindrical metal container. Desiccate means to dry out and is the material that accomplish the task of moisture removal. The filter-drier is also responsible for removing particles from the system to prevent the particles and moisture from moving throughout the system. We all know how much damage moisture can do to any type of building materials and equipment. Moisture if not prevented can be very damaging to any system.


There are many components of the A/C system that needs to be protected from loose particles and moisture. The system contains components that have metals such as copper lines, iron casting for the compressor, steel condenser, aluminum evaporator, and brass valves and fittings. All of these components are assembled together by using other metals and chemicals with a brazing process. If filter- driers were not use the moisture and the particles circulating throughout the entire system would begin to have a chemical reaction to each of these metals and the system would break down over time.


The location of the filter- drier within the system is important. The desiccant within the drier works better at removing and holding moisture when it is placed in the refrigerant line where the refrigerant is in the liquid state. The filter-drier is also known as a liquid line filter- drier for this particular reason. The will still be able to absorb moisture when it is applied to the suction line but not as well. Most of the times a special suction line filter- drier is used for cleaning up a system after a compressor burnout. Section line filter-driers that are used to clean up a system after a compressor burnout should be replaced.


In some cases, an attempt was made to reactivate filter-driers. This would be done by heating the drier to remove the contents of the desiccant. This process would remove most of the moisture but the oil and other contaminants would still remain. This is not recommended because in some cases when the desiccant is heated the process will cook the oil even further contaminating the filter-drier. The cost of a new filter-drier is not enough to have to turn to such extremes. The only true way to make sure your system is safe is to replace the filter with a new filter-drier.

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