Browning AX32 Gripnotch Belt w/ 33.3" Pitch-EI-AX32-nu
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Browning AX32 Gripnotch Belt w/ 33.3

Browning AX32 Gripnotch Belt w/ 33.3" Pitch

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Part Number: EI-AX32-nu
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  • Precision Molded Cogs - Provide more surface area for heat dissipation and increase belt flexibility. Cooler running means longer life. Browning Notched belts assure longer life when replacing existing Wrapped V-Belts.

  • Close Belt tolerance - Browning Belts offer the "Code 1" Match belt system on all classical and "358" Belts, allowing easy selection of just one match number for each belt size. This ensures tighter than RMA standards.

  • High Tensile Cord - Specially treated cords to provide strength and additional flex life while providing resistance to elongation for the belt.

  • Raw-Edge Sidewalls - Improved gripping contract with pulley sidewalls. Assures less vibration and Smoother , quieter performance. Notched belts provide higher horsepower than wrapped belts.

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